Welcome to the Hackit. There are several different categories and levels with different difficulty.
Each levels earns you different points and they will be added to your total score.
Some users are better than others and you can view all users with more than 500 points in the 'Scoreboard'

One final notice: Please do not distribute any passwords, hints or solutions to others. They should get the same chance and show their skills.

How to get started

Register yourself an account and login. After that you can select your desired level to begin.

Bonus Information

Made by sn0w. Tools used: Bootstrap, Bootswatch Cyborg theme, Twig, PHP, MySQLi, CodeIgniter

Special thanks to:
  • Cystasy ('Simple JavaScript RE' lvl)
  • J0hn.X3r ('Advanced SQL Injection' lvl)
  • Barny ('Crackit' lvl)
  • gORDon_vdLg ('Crackme' lvl)
  • [PHCN] for hosting this hackit
  • Free-Hack and the team