v1.5.3: (01.03.18)

  • Added: 'Crackme' lvl. (Thanks to gORDon_vdLg)
  • Added: If level is made by someone else is it now displayed.
  • Changed: Statistic in Dashboard is now a simple bar.
  • Changed: Updated fontawesome to '^5.0.0'.
  • Fixed: Date in Scoreboard only changes when a level was solved. (Thanks to gORDon_vdLg)
  • Fixed: Corrected link to hint.css stylesheet. (Thanks to Mini Rick)

v1.5.2: (22.06.17)

  • Added: Password confirmation field. (Thanks to gORDon_vdLg)
  • Added: Under construction site.
  • Changed: Fixed spelling errors.
  • Changed: Removed total users from statistics.
  • Changed: Updated required node modules.
  • Fixed: Date is now displayed correctly. (Thanks to Lindor)
  • Fixed: Error display when registering.
  • Fixed: PHP Error in Level 5. (Thanks to cruzz)
  • Fixed: PHP Error in Level 5. (Thanks to Mini Rick)
  • Fixed: Wrong path to img assets. (Thanks to lrg0)

v1.5.1: (21.06.17)

  • Changed: Level statistics are now calculated.
  • Changed: Using stacked bar chart for statistics.
  • Added: New steganography level.

v1.5.0: (20.06.17)

  • Added: Framework to simplify developing.
  • Added: User Management to track stats.
  • Changed: Levels now give points.
  • Changed: Hall of Fame is now the Scoreboard.
  • Basic stats to show user solve percentage.

v1.4.2: (18.06.17)

  • Changed: Level and Bonus are now saved.
  • Changed: Hall of Fame now displays if the hackit was fully completed.
  • Fixed random connection loss error.
  • Changed: Hackit version is now parsed from Changelog file.

v1.4.1: (12.06.17)

  • Fixed Bonus 5 thanks to Lindor.
  • Decreased time to wait for redirect
  • Added a secondary password field to Level 6.

v1.4.0: (12.06.17)

  • Reworked connection settings.
  • Added Level 6 with word filtering.
  • Added Bonus 4 (with changes thanks to Lindor) and Bonus 5.
  • Added visual feedback to every level.

v1.3.2: (10.06.17)

  • Fixes to Level 5 thanks to Barny.
  • Fixes to Bonus 3 thanks to Barny.
  • Added feedback for Bonus levels.
  • Added help for level 5.
  • Fixed Level 5 and 2 thanks to Lindor.

v1.3.1: (08.06.17)

  • Fixes to Level 2 thanks to Braz.
  • Fixes to Bonus 3 thanks to Barny.
  • Spelling errors fixed.
  • Added Changelog and Changelog site.
  • Style changes and usage of text instead of password fields.
  • Little help added to Bonus 1.

v1.3.0: (03.06.17)

  • Added Hall of Fame and required checks.
  • Small fixes and added DB files for easy changes.

v1.2.0: (30.05.17)

  • Added a steganography challenge and required checks.
  • Added a cryptography challenge and required checks.
  • Implemented required checks for Bonus 3 (Crackit).
  • Implemented required checks for Level 5.

v1.1.0: (27.05.17)

  • Twig is now used as templating engine.
  • Changed continous mode to different levels.
  • Added Bootswatch Theme for main styling.
  • Removed unncessary files.

v1.0.0: (24.05.17)

Fixed bugs and added all necessary functionality to release first version.